Happy Spring!…Celebrate with my new download of the month “April Fool” – inspired by the official flower of April 1, the columbine. This other-worldly flower has a rich history and we wove some of the myths about the flower into the lyric. Let’s reclaim the word and image...read more

Nell Robinson
& Jim Nunally

“I was quite startled by the

sheer purity of their voices,

stark arrangements of the songs,

and the gorgeous lyrics.”»

Nell Robinson &
Rose of No-Man's Land

Critically acclaimed
for the lush vocals,
hot band, vintage music
& artisan stories»

Nell Robinson & Rose of No Man's Land

Nell Robinson
& Her All-Star Band

John Reischman
and the Jaybirds provide
smokin’ back- up for
Nell’s distinctive vocals »

The Henriettas 1930s Yodeling Duo

Cary Sheldon & Nell
Robinson revive the sweet
harmonies & yodels of
the DeZurik Sisters »


Life in the Garden
w/ Jim Nunally
Nell & Jim w/Craig Eastman!
Sweet Sunny South
w/ John Reischman & the Jaybirds

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