The COLUMBINE is the birthday flower for April 1st

Columbine FlowerNative to Europe, it is a perennial with short-spurred violet-blue flowers that normally have a hay-like scent. In 17th Century England a lady who was given columbine was likely to be saddled with a reputation for having flexible morals. To dream of columbine is said to […]

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Love Note to Winnemucca…

IMG_20130903_185959Some towns just won’t let you wallow. I was recently in Winnemucca Nevada with a case of melancholy hanging just around the edges of my senses. I’d already forewarned my companions, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and Logan “Red” Ledger that my favorite sign appears in that windblown western […]

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All Creatures Great and Small: Of termites, hyenas, and bell frogs…

It has been a dream of my husband’s to go on safari in Africa – a bucket list item we decided to make a family vacation this summer. We started in Botswana then to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and lastly to the Greater Kruger National Park in South […]

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Soldier Stories in Washington, DC


It was Saturday, December 10th. We were driving up from North Carolina, Jim Nunally at the wheel, Keith Little riding shotgun, navigating. These two guys have done a lot of driving together and I was very happy to sit in the back seat and listen to Keith tell […]

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My feets is tired but my soul is rested.

2011-08-09_13-49-31_587The past 2 months I have been on a pilgrimage from the Camino de Santiago to Edinburgh to the Porch Stage of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. I left for Spain and the Camino in early August, to walk 350 miles, through forests, mountains, plains, vineyards, hillside towns, […]

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The New Good Samaritan

I woke up on Monday morning in New York, having flown in from the West Coast the night before. I checked my email and found an alarming message from someone I did not know:  “I have had your dog for 18 hours.  Call me immediately!”  Before I could punch in the phone number on my […]

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Turn Your Radio On: The Henriettas Old-Time Duo Appear on A Prairie Home Companion

01People aren’t going to believe what they just heard…” -Garrison Keillor, A Prairie Home Companion, April 3rd, 2010

“Hello, is this Nell Robinson?”  The very familiar voice came over my car radio via my hands-free cell phone setup. “This is Garrison Keillor, I want to talk with you […]

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