Nell & Jim’s Alt-Roots Folkbilly Band

LIVE!  Big Room, Sierra-Nevada Brewery


Bay area all-star group The Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band have announced a new live AP (advance promo), set to be released on April 30, the first of a four-part live AP series, named after one of the four cardinal points on a compass – North, South, East, West – and a U.S. tour date will coincide with the appropriate region throughout 2016.
You can view the live performance of Nell’s The Rose of No-Man’s Land on PBS’ Stories of Service site
Director Peter Berkow filmed live footage of the Nell Robinson & Jim Nunally Band for his series Music Gone Public Encore! along with 9 other artists with “music America needs to hear, an alternative to the assembly line music machine” (oh yeah!!). We have exciting things in the works around this project, stay tuned!